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noticeable effect on tone using sockets instead of direct solder joints?

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    Originally posted by Enzo View Post
    If you build a circuit with the idea of changing a bunch of parts around to experiment, then by all means use sockets. But to just build something out the door, I avoid them.
    I totally agree with this. If you have the slightest suspicion that you might want to try a different component in the slot, a socket will definitely help save from ruining solder pads by repeated soldering and unsoldering. But as soon as you have settled on a permanent value, solder it in. Sockets are just one more potential point of failure. I have had touring musicians bring me gear that was flaking out, only to find it was an ic that had come partially unseated. Getting stomped on and loaded in and out of gear trailers over a few months/years was enough to overcome the grip of the socket and cause intermittent failure. Properly soldered components are much more immune to that.


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      I've fixed units (both analog and digital) by simply reseating socketed IC's (due to oxidization). Just added reason to solder for reliability when practical.
      And by 'when practical' I mean there have been plenty of situations where I wished the IC's had been socketed.
      "Everything is better with a tube. I have a customer with an all-tube pacemaker. His heartbeat is steady, reassuring and dependable, not like a modern heartbeat. And if it goes wrong he can fix it himself. You can't do that with SMD." - Mick Bailey


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        So Im just a hobbyist, and the only reason for a socket is to try a few different components, but that seems to never pan out. Once a "thing" is working, Im usually afraid to touch it. Id rather start the next project, than diagnose why an old one isn't working after some time, so it sounds like for the most part, I should just solder in and be done. I had as mentioned built two copies (as exact as I could) of a few fuzz pedals, and just changed one component, a transistor or diode. And, dang it, if I don't like one a lot better than the other and never touch the one I don't like!

        And after two years, I know that the only change to the "Klon Centaur" clones was the diodes and dang if I can remember which was the one I like.
        The only good solid state amp is a dead solid state amp. Unless it sounds really good, then its OK.


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