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Well I screwed up... EQD Sea Machine v2 damaged by me, broken from the manufacturer

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  • Well I screwed up... EQD Sea Machine v2 damaged by me, broken from the manufacturer

    So I really screwed up. Got a nonworking EarthQuakerDevices Sea Machine v2 in great shape cheap because it didn't work. I confirmed when I received it that when engaged, the pedal passed dry signal only. Immediately suspected a problem with the PT2399 chip. Measured voltage at pin 1 and found it was high at 6.3V. That's weird, right. Checked output of 7805 regulator. Yup, 6.3V. Regulator must be busted, right. Well in order to get the damn thing out I have to desolder the Rate pot. This went well until I noticed that one of plated through holes came out with the right most pot lead. Not great, especially considering this pcb is multilayer and the only layer(s) connected to this lead are internal, so can't visually trace. *madface* Continuing on, I removed the 7805 by cutting its leads off since I didn't want to bust any other through holes. I tested the 7805 out of circuit and what do you know, the thing works fine. Output is dead on 5v even without any supporting components. I double check my notes and realize THE REGULATOR WAS INSTALLED BACKWARDS THE WHOLE TIME. Like, from the factory. I suspect the PT2399 blew because of the high voltage, but I've yet to verify the PT2399 chip is dead. I had no idea you could install a 7805 backwards and get anything output from it. The more you know, right?

    Click image for larger version

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    So at this point I feel like I have 4 options.

    1. Spend the next week angrily tracing the components to try to figure out where the through hole I busted actually goes without a schematic (I have the madbeans schematic which is based off the V1, no idea how close this is to an EQD V2) and repair with a bodge wire, new PT2399 and 7805.

    2. Buy another V2 pedal to make tracing the schematic easier.

    3. Admit defeat, send the pedal back to EQD and pay to have it fixed.

    4. Give up.

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    I can't imagine it being more than 2 layers top and bottom. Give a close up of the damage please. Dumb question If the regulator is back in circuit "correctly" What is the output. Easiest way to tell is to follow a trace back. Or the pin hole that has voltage on it. It seems more likely that the 6.3 is drug down from the 9 volts. attached schematic is just an approximation but may be enough to get you out.
    soldering stuff that's broken, breaking stuff that works, Yeah!


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      There are more layers here than just double-sided board?


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        I've had quite a few pedals where the tracks are largely obscured underneath a thickly applied black opaque solder mask. They looked like multi-layer boards but those were all just double-sided. It would be interesting to establish if this board is indeed three or more layers.