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    I am the original low tech guy, and I love a wireless mouse. I usually have a bunch of AA cells in the drawer, but I now turn it off. I have a couple times flatted the battery when my drawer was empty. But wireless mouse never catches on my shirt cuff, the wire never knocks anything over on my desk or bench
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      I got this Logitech M510 wireless mouse on sale black friday.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	91WfpKs8FTL._SL1500_.jpg
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      Unofficial review.
      It has 5 buttons instead of 3 like my smaller M185.
      The additional two buttons are on the left for web pages forward and back.
      It has 2 batteries instead of just the one in the M185.
      It also has a green led on top. Still not sure what the led is telling me, it is on when it wants to.
      I put it on my desk, beside my HP i5 Laptop, in the back bedroom/man-cave.
      Not sure what the battery life will be, especially if I don't turn it off often?
      It works fine, and seems very stable.
      The only questionable dislike, is the two buttons on the side.
      Since I'm left handed, I use the mouse with either hand, the buttons a bit cumbersome left handed.
      If I get any more, I will stick with the 3 button style, instead of the 5 buttons.
      If you only use it right handed it is fine, and the buttons do let you navigate pages back and forth quickly!
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        At work some nimrod bought wireless mice and keyboards for our instrument computers, they are terrible, with a lag and connection issues in the chaos work environment!
        We always want corded units and keep a steady supply as they tend to melt frequently

        On my office computer I inherited a cordless shark fin mouse and like it !
        Click image for larger version

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        very neutral hand position


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          Originally posted by big_teee View Post
          It also has a green led on top. Still not sure what the led is telling me, it is on when it wants to.
          Our logitech has the random green led as well. But it does go red when the battery is low.
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            I use a wireless mouse with the laptop at work. Oddly enough, bluetooth is WAAY better at noise immunity than the USB cable - even with ferrite beads - in the industrial environment we have. Lots of frequency drives and such. I turn the mouse off at the end of the day, even though I've hit the switch so much that it's worn too smooth for finger(nail)s. I use the end of a retractable ball-point pen as a 'special tool'.

            At home I have a wired mouse on the desktop computer, because, well, the computer doesn't move around much and USB mice can be had for free from the right salvage operation. I have a drawer with mice and keyboards all stacked up and waiting to be called into action.
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              My friend told me on the phone, that he uses a wireless trackball mouse.
              Not sure which one he uses, so I looked up wireless trackball mouse on google, and here's what I got.
              Wow, some of them pretty freaky looking.
              Anyone use any of tthese things?
              BTW, the trackballs, make my small Logitech M325 wireless look mild, & old fashioned.

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              "If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride!" Scottish Proverb 1600s


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