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Godin Multiac not getting picked up.

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  • Godin Multiac not getting picked up.

    Update: I finally solved both questions below (much to my surprise). I made absolutely sure the wire was good first. I plugged the line into the guitar then plugged the line into the computer and chose line in rather than mic in then gave the guitar full output. I used audacity to confirm it was coming in. Next I noticed there was a playback volume in the RealTek HD audio manager. It was set to zero so I moved it up and it allowed me to here it even without recording it. So this saves me over $100 buying an external amp with a built in tuner :-) I love the free NCH tuner tuner.

    As an aside the install of this NCH tuner give you the option to install a computer metronome. I can control it from my Microsoft Access database program too. I have a database of guitar practice exercises I do every day (most days) and I have the speed for each exercise in the database. When I initiate each exercise I send the speed to the metronome through keystrokes (the sendkeys command) and the metronome starts automatically for me. I was allready doing this with another metronome I downloaded but it locks up every so often. I figure this one won't. I will have the program adjusted to control it tonight. A good day today :-)

    Hi, I have two questions actually.

    I can feed a regular Godin electric guitar (Core CT) directly in my computer's mike input plug (the pink one) and it picks it up for recording using Audacity for example and for tuning using the NCH tuner. Unfortunately my Godin slim multiac does not register (the tuner says no signal). I don't think that it matters but the the actual cord is an 1/8th inch male phono into the computer to an RCA connector then I connect an adapter to the RCA connector that provides the 1/4 inch phone into the guitar. I have no problem feeding the two guitars into a guitar amp using the same regular guitar chord (1/4 inch phono on both ends). Is there a solution to this?

    I have a need to use the computer like a guitar amp providing a fairly low volume to practice with so I can quickly switch between computer work and guitar practice. When I plug the regular Godin electric guitar directly into the pink computer mic input plug I get no direct sound to the computer speakers. The same occurs with a proper computer microphone. I hear what I am recording during audacity playback. Is there a free software that can send this mic input signal directly to the speakers so I can practice so I can at the same time tune up with the NCH tuner.

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    I solved it. If you want to see how go to the very beginning of the first post where I put an update (wanted to save people reading). I also mention an interesting computer metronome.


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