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I fixed my computer!!!!

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  • I fixed my computer!!!!

    Yesterday afternoon, my internet went down - and along with it my VOIP phone. Cable still OK. Tried the various resets on the modem, but it only gave me a power light, no sense of activity. Can't call them because the phone is down. We went out today and bought minutes for the wife's cell phone, and called them. Next appointment is friday. Two more days without phone or net?

    Just looking at it, my spider sense was tingling that the modem box was the issue. And the woman in Colorado on the phone seemed to agree. SO I had an option. I could wait until friday, or I could drive 15-20 miles to Potterville and walk into their service place. OK, so I disconnected the box and drove over there. The lady there just handed me a new one, logged it's number, pointed out the wifi password stamped on the bottom, and have a nice day.

    I got back home, hooked it up, and damned if it didn't cycle up and restore our service.

    Perhaps I have a future in computer maintenance.
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    Good job Enzo.
    Lightening got my DSL modem once.
    Phone man swapped it out, and I was good to go!
    I have U-verse now, and it's never had any issues.

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