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  • Printers

    Our old HP printer went belly up.
    I bought a new Epson XP-7100 Photo grade printer for my wife.
    She was building a Cookbook of Family recipes.
    She does a lot of copying, and photos from a SD card.
    It works great for her, like that.

    I was trying to print to it from Linux.
    I tried different things, and never did get it to work from Ubuntu.
    I tried different download drivers.
    Finally got it to print, but nothing on the page, just a blank page.
    This morning I booted to Fedora FC30, installed the driver, and it worked, from USB.
    Still no Wifi printing.
    I'll beat on Ubu, some more later!

    If you have any printer woes, or tales, post them here in this thread.

    "If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride!" Scottish Proverb 1600s

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    I think home printers are designed just to piss us off for kicks. Especially WiFi... There are ALWAYS compatibility issues and weird bugs. I can use one for months. All it takes is my wife to walk into the room for one to quit working. I particularly despise HP..


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      From my experience with Linux mint I have been lucky getting my printer to print for the most part. Running LM17 it printed using wifi perfectly but later they had an update that screwed that up. Now I am running LM19 and it prints perfectly again. I can always print right from iPhone too.
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