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new old computer needed -- anyone have opinions on old dell 7810?

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  • new old computer needed -- anyone have opinions on old dell 7810?

    My old Dell Dimension is sometlike like 2005 is showing its age. Can't install anything on it anymore, and its too slow to run newer OS.

    The old E510 had a fan problem years ago, and I think that damaged the CPU. Its runs but dang its flaky. Once in a while it blue screens.

    Found a used Dell Precision 7810, probably 4 years old. Mid range specs. Asking 350.00 . Says a little negotiable. intact as far as I can tell. Not one of those dang Ebay "bare bones" ripoffs.

    Anyone have opinions on thees one way or another? I need to do some software development at home, so being able to run IntelliJ and microsoft developer studio is a must. Maybe SQL Server as well.


    Just remembered posted the same last year:
    Don't want to rush into these things now?
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    It looks very usable.

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      One of my computers is a Dell Latitude E6530, maybe 7 years old now. It came with Win 7 and has an I7 processor. I was able to install 16GM memory and a 1 TB Solid State drive. Efforts to upgrade to Win10 were difficult. Part of the problem was the support from Dell and updated Drivers (from their library) that would not work with Win10. So I reinstalled a backup before a failed Win10 update and before the upgraded drivers. I tried the Win10 upgrade once again, allowing Windows 10 to install generic drivers on top of what came with the computer and Win 7 updates. Voila! Success!! At some point, Dell stops supporting their old computers - even though the hardware will work just fine, given the right drivers. Let Win10 install drivers for you.

      You do not mention if you have original O/S install disks. If you do, use them. You can still upgrade to Win10 for free. You'll need to do your homework on that. Otherwise, get yourself a licensed copy of Win 10 and build the computer from scratch.

      I have purchased software from these guys - Fast Software LLC. You can get a licensed copy of Win10 Pro for $39. I have purchased Office, Project, Visio from them and installed with legit reg keys - never a problem.

      Good luck!!
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