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    Good day to everybody...I am planning to buy my wife a new laptop for Christmas and I need some advice from the people here.....if possible.....She does videos for youtube as she teaches art classes on line.........she presently has a Levono G50-45.....4 gigs of ram.....1TBHHD, I guess the usual stuff for the average person....she uses Windows 10 and uses the computer for doing editing and uploading to youtube, and email etc.......anyway, she always has issues........always locking up, waiting for what seems like forever for a page to load up, it takes forever to edit something and if it locks up in the middle somewhere, she has to power down , lose all that work and start over is very fustrating to say the least...I already got her to remove a shit load of pics, videos, etc from the drive and she still has also loses the connection to net at random......etc, etc.....this computer was purchased at Walmart back a couple of years ago.....maybe 3 at the this is not what she needs......she needs something else and I don`t really know what to get her.....and it is pointless to get something like this again....I am not sure how big the video files are but I guess they vary depending on the length of the video.....anyway, if somebody out there has any suggestions I am all ears.....I should point out that I am in Canada and I do have a budget of around $1000 so far....I just don`t know what to buy and that also goes for any addons as well, if any are needed...........iexxxxx extra software of a certain brand name...etc....

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    Hi, 4g ram is too low to be editing video... not sure how much that LP will stand but at least 8g for w10. more = better!


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      This place puts things on sale often.
      Don't know if they have a Canada outlet or not?

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