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    First time poster, short time browser.

    I've got a carvin bass (dual humbucker) im working on, it has no name on it but i have a serial#.

    Its got 2 volume and 2 tone buttons along with what appears to be a coil tap switch.
    (2 pickup wires connected to one pole on switch (top), and 2 more poles from pickup connected to the second pole on the (top) switch. Two grounds (middle) and the 2 bottom pins are connected to nothing.)

    It's also got a blend pot and a pushpull pot. Inside it has 2 electronics boards that connect to the battery and preamp.
    (the battery dies in a few hours of use).

    It appears to be wired wrong and or setup wrong. When i metered the switch out, in the down position it appears the opposite poles are "connected" and when i push the switch
    up it grounds out the bottom two pins - connected to nothing. (no idea what this is doing). The switch has red and white from one pickup and green and black from another pickup.

    What im looking for is some advice on setting it up properly so i can have the coil tap, blend and push pull pot all work properly with the new onboard preamp ive purchased.
    I purchased this "" OBP3 preamp.

    Can anyone assist on rewiring the guitar - minus the old onboard preamp so i can still have a coil tap, pushpull and blend pot all work.

    I've got 2 new pots "250k" or "50K" the Part# doesn't specify and another pot with the same ratings but its a push/pull pot.

    Thanks for any assistance
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