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Any experiences with sims Custom Shop?

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  • Any experiences with sims Custom Shop?

    Not an electronics question at all - but I am soliciting feedback from anyone who has used the Sims Custom Shop for guitar body work - both regards to quality, timeliness and customer services. Any feedback will be helpful from people who have actually used that shop. Have indirectly heard some pretty wierd reviews but I want some direct feedback from actual customers.

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    if you are talking about Patrick Simms based out of TN. I have a friend who waited over a year to get a re-finished body back from his shop...that's over a year after paying in full. He said customer service and communication was God awful and that Mr. Simms would give him the run around and lie to him on the rare occasion that he returned an email.
    It is a real shame...if you look around, you will see that Simms has a very bad reputation with a lot of people, but his work appears to be flawless on his website.
    Maybe things have changed.