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No-load push/pull pot?

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  • No-load push/pull pot?

    Hi all. Newbe here.

    Maybe one of you guys can answer my question?

    I have a p/p pot that works as a volume pot and pulled out splits a bridge humbucker.

    Can I do something that changes this pot to a no-load pot? I would like to take all pots out of the circuit when I turn the knob to 10 - bypassing the signal directly to output.

    Is this possible? Thanks for any advice!

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    you can't use a no-load pot as VOLUME control (as it would cut the signal at "10"). it's used as TONE control, to take the tone control out of the circuit at "10"


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      There is a good chance that the push-pull pot provides a DPDT switch. Depending on the instrument, that switch may be used to disable a coil on one pickup, or on two. If used for only one pickup, then you have a second set of contacts available to you to make or break the contact between the tone pot and ground. You would do that by breaking the connection between the tone cap (which will most likely be soldered to the tone pot chassis at one end) and its ground connection. A wire goes from the (now freed up) end of the tone cap to the push-pull switch, and another wire from the push-pull switch to ground.

      The switch could be wired to engage the tone control and both coils of a HB at the same time (e.g., in "push" position), and lift the tone pot plus cancel a coil i the other position.


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        Here's a new pot designed by Ned Steinberger called the "JackPot". It bypasses the pot when on 10 and sends the signal right to the jack. Apparently it has a switch built in.


        It's not a push pull though.

        Someone here posted a very simple, yet clever mod to a volume control that removes the loading when it's on 10 in another thread.


        I found the post:

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