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Free-Way 6-position toggle at Stew-Mac

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  • Free-Way 6-position toggle at Stew-Mac

    This is a very interesting development in Gibson-style toggles that offer up some neat possibilities.

    STEWMAC.COM : Instructions for Free-Way Pickup Switch

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    That is neat, but I have some guitars that didn't cost much more than that.

    "If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride!" Scottish Proverb 1600s


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      Yeah, not exactly cheap; though I expect they'll come down if they catch on. On the other hand, if it lets a person not have to resort to a bunch of push-pull pot solutions to get what they want, or not have to route out a spot for an additional switch, it can actually be cost-effective, not to mention maintain a clean interface. Personally, as much as I like what push-pull pots can do sometimes, I really dislike how they can make pinky use difficult in the up position, not to mention the fact they only come in the one diameter (smaller-diameter pots generally have lesser quality wipers).

      The only downside (apart from cost) that I can see is that the three-on-the-left/three-on-the-right positions can be hard to get visual confirmation on if it isn't mounted at an appropriate angle. Easily fixable, I suppose.


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        It's worth a try.
        I'm not big on push pulls, for the reasons you mention.
        Also friction nurled knobs, tend to pull off, and get sloppy after much pushing and pulling.
        I usually opt for a mini DPST, It can split 2 Bucker pickups, and another if you choose will do polarity flip.
        After much tinkering with switches and too many choices, I usually just back to standard switching and wiring.
        Keep us posted on the 6-way, interested to see how it is accepted.

        "If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride!" Scottish Proverb 1600s


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          I was working for the Canadian distributor for Gibson when that 3 pickup Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom was around. To simplify what the switch did there, if you were in the "left" position it was a standard Les Paul - bridge, bridge+neck, neck. In the "right" position it added the middle pickup, so - bridge+middle, all 3, neck+middle.

          The thing that made it interesting and more practical is it didn't have to follow a specific track around the switch, like a car with manual transmission or something. It could free wheel to any position from any position, and I thought it did a good job of that.

          I haven't looked deeper into the wiring of this switch but I assume you could use it to coil tap humbuckers and whatever else you might do with a superswitch in a strat or tele


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