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  • active pickup cap value

    Hey guys im mew here and looking for some help. I recently installed a set of dragonfire 81 85 active puckups.. i know theyre not the real thing but had to try just to see how they compare.. but they came with a 0.1uf cap and i switched to a 0.047uf and absolutly hated the sound. So i was looking for a 0.022uf cap and could not find at any local guitar store or radioshack. However i did get and install 0.22uf cap. And im loving the sound real heavy and aggressive. What im wandering is going with a value that high am i putting my electronics at risk in any way?

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    installing another value cap would not normally put your electronics at risk
    you need to pay attention to the voltage rating of capacitors
    make sure the voltage rating is equal or higher than original
    do not use lower voltage rating than original, normally.
    which ever cap you like the sound of, is the one to use.