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Tone Pot Volume Drop problem

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  • Tone Pot Volume Drop problem


    When tone pot is on ten (wide open) the volume drops out completely. Otherwise everything works and sounds as it should.
    New pickup and new tone pot (CTS) in a les paul type guitar. Anyone have have an idea what the problem is. Bad pot, or maybe I fried it?

    Txs much.

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    This should be in guitar tech forum, not pickup makers forum.
    How do you have it wired?
    What diagram did you use so we can tell you what to expect?

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      If the volume drops out completely then you either have an open circuit, or a short to ground. A faulty pot will generally go open, but when you consider its position this will just disconnect the tone cap so won't cut your signal. You can tell if the signal is shorted or open by the pickup hum through the amp - shorted and it will suddenly go quieter.

      Does the signal cut out suddenly in (say) the last 10th of the control's travel? If so there may be a strand of wire or solder blob fallen inside the pot. At the outside you may have an incorrectly wired 'no load' tone pot which disconnects at the end of travel.


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        Thanks Mick! Yes, Only at the end of travel.


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          Check the tone pot wiring compared to the other pickup tone pot - they should both be wired the same way in a Les Paul. Or post a clear pic so that we can see your wiring.

          Does your new tone control have a soft 'click'-type feel when you turn it past 9?


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