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  • Bass Wiring Layout

    Here's a Bass Layout that we have been kicking around on the pickup forum.
    Thought it would also be good to get scrutiny over here, with more techs.
    These are the components that David's old bass already had, so this is what we have to work with.
    1. 2 4-wire Humbuckers Seymour Duncan color code used.
    2. Master Tone, Master Volume, & one Blend Pot.
    3. 2 DP3T switches, on/on/on
    4. Switch position 1=Series, 2=Split SC mode, 3= 4 coils parallel.
    The bridge pickup is wired like a regular humbucker inside out.
    The neck pickup is wired outside in, RWRP.
    All 3 switch modes, Series, Split SCs, All coils parallel, are hum canceling.
    Check it out and if you see something that you think won't work, let us know.
    See Layout!
    Thanks for the Look!
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