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    Iím building an interesting Strat style guitar and the guy Iím making it for is asking for something I havenít done before. Weíre putting an Invader in the Bridge position, a JB Junior in the middle, and a Hot Rails in the neck. He would like to have a Coil split pot on all three knobs in the same order as the pickups. Iíve wired a single split before but not all three. So 5 way switch, standard Strat knob arrangement and basically three humbuckers. Has anyone done this?

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    Welcome to the place!
    I would just use 3 push/pull pots- one for each pickup. Wire each coil split on each switch the same as you've done in the past when you did just one pickup.
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      Thanks Dude! Thatís what I was thinking. I suppose I need to sit down and draw it out.


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        Before hardwiring the p-p switches I always recommend checking out how it sounds. On a strat you can run the cables under the pickguard, or remove a pot and run them there.

        One option to consider for other custom wiring jobs is a 4PDT mini-toggle switch which could do the series/parallel switching for 2 humbuckers. And with an ON/ON/ON switch you can do series/split/parallel switching.

        FWIW I think I've had better luck doing S/P switching on strat-sized humbuckers than full-sized ones...

        Good luck!

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