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Toggle To Select Using EITHER a 3-Way Switch OR a Blend Pot?

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  • Toggle To Select Using EITHER a 3-Way Switch OR a Blend Pot?

    Hey guys. I'm trying to put together a schematic for a 2-humbucker guitar with master volume, master tone (which coil taps the humbuckers), 3-way slector, and then a push/pull blend pot which is where my issue is.

    Here's the idea for functionality:
    1- Standard master volume/tone/3-way setup with push/pull for coil tapping. Right now the "blend" is inactive and essentially doesn't do anything.
    2- Pulling up on the blend pot takes the 3-way switch out of the equation and instead routes the pickups' hot signal through a blend pot.
    Basically this is my hair-brained idea at trying to get the "blend" ability of a Les Paul (which has it's dual master volumes) when you want it, but giving you the simplicity of a single volume/tone circuit when you don't.
    Another way of looking at it is having a preset "blend" you can reference with the pull of a pot.

    Here's what I have so far (ignore word "stacked pot" as that was a copy/paste issue. DPDT above the blend pot represents the push/pull action):
    Click image for larger version

Name:	BlendVs3Way.png
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    My concern here is the red wire with arrow tips. With the switch being in front of the blend/3-way decision I'm afraid that while in "3-way mode" the signal will walk that red wire and still be affected by the blend pot. Or conversely, while in blend-mode it might still be affected by the 3-way switch.

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    First hypothesis (hopefully I'm over-thinking this): Yes there will be interplay between the "modes" and therefore I need to cut off the interplay-connection to the mode that's not supposed to be active.
    Potential Solution?: Swap out the push/pul for a 4PDT switch where the 4 poles perform:
    1- Selecting whether the neck pickup goes to the blend or the 3-way switch
    2- Selecting whether the bridge pickup goes to the blend or the 3-way switch
    3- Connects/disconnects the wire from the blend pot to the volume pot
    4- Disconnect/connects the wire from the 3-way switch to the volume pot
    Someone please tell me this is over-thinking as I'd much prefer to push-pull...


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      Still no thoughts here? lol
      I know there are some electronics geniuses out there.


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        Would really love it if an electronics guru could help me out and 'proof-read' my diagram.

        I think I've got it right with the modifications in post #2, but would love to know before I drill some holes in this guitar top.


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