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Schematic for Steve morse musicman y2d 3 pickup needed Help!!

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  • Schematic for Steve morse musicman y2d 3 pickup needed Help!!

    Hi All

    Can anyone supply me with a schematic/wiring diagramm for the 3 pickup Musicman Steve Morse y2d electronics. There are plenty of schematics for the 2 humbucker 2 singles version but I can`t seem to find 2 humbuckers 1 single with push pull and 5 way switch. Thanks in advance.


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    Hey Andrew, looking at the EBMM website, that guitar doesn't have a Push/pull, but assuming it's being used as a coil tap for the two humbuckers, it shouldn't interfere with the other switching options.

    Can you find out what kind of 5-way switch is in the guitar? looking at the switch positions on the website I can't see it working with a regular CRL style switch (bridges 1&2 and 2&3 for positions 2 and 4), but maybe possible.
    More Likely there'll be a different kinda switch, like one of the OAK Super Switches or something custom for EBMM.

    If I know what the switch is like, I can draw out a wiring diagram that'll work with the switch positions listed on the website. A close up photo of the switch will be the easiest way of identifying it.


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      Hi Jop
      It's a guitar I made about 20 years ago and the customer/friend asked me if I could wire it up like the steve morse y2d the pickups on it are 2 humbuckers seymour duncan with a tele bridge pup in the middle. I think he wanted a push pull for coil taps on the humbuckers but the 2nd position was to have both slug coils from the humbuckers, I've got a super switch I'm just not sure what the y2d switching is or how it`s wired up. Any help gratefully accepted.




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        Here's some souped up HSH wiring.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	HSH-Wiring.jpeg
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Size:	197.4 KB
ID:	852896Click image for larger version

Name:	HSH-Layout.jpeg
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Size:	305.1 KB
ID:	852895
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          Wowza, Terys Souped up HSH wiring nearly gave me a brain haemorrhage, that's a helluva lot of switching options. The wiring options on the Y2D are super easy with a Super Switch as they're all parallel options, so you can just assign each hot wire to a common contact, then using a bit of bus wire, connect the out to all the relevant positions for desired switching. As for both slug coils in parallel, yeh if you have a push/pull coil tap, you'll get both slug coils on in position 2 (or what EBMM call position 4).

          I'd make sure your pickups are correctly phased first, even if they're all the same brand a lot of manufacturers humbuckers and Fender-style single coils don't phase. Easiest way would be to connect the slug coil of one HB and Tele PU in parallel and listen whether you're getting a Stock Pair (single coil tone from both pu's), a parallel humbucker (like positions 2 & 4 on a regular strat) or out of phase (sounds quiet and empty).

          Also you'll need to identify the colour code for your humbuckers, I've drawn it out with the colours I use for 4-con humbuckers, but it'll likely be different for whatever you're using.

          ebmm y2d wiring.pdfClick image for larger version

Name:	EBMM y2d.jpg
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Size:	119.4 KB
ID:	852898


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            Thanks Jop.
            You saved me a lot of time and head scratching. Cheers Andrew


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