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    Originally posted by glebert View Post
    I think this is regarding the "unbreakable headstock" claim.
    Thanks for trying to help. But what is "farkin' pansies"?
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      Testosterone challenged individuals would be one diplomatic translation.
      Or as one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's characters put it: 'girlie-men'.
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        F@$#ing ?μ$$€$!

        What I meant was, if you show Pete Townshend an "unbreakable" guitar, he'd reply that the manufacturer didn't try hard enough, that they are weaklings for their inability to break it, then ask it be handed to him for a try.

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          I don't think Pete T. would have favoured an indestructible guitar. His thing was visible destruction as a "happening" (probably inspired by mad Keith Moon) to outperform someone like J. Hendrix.
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