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Ibanez SR505 electrics issue - schematic?

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  • Ibanez SR505 electrics issue - schematic?

    I don't do guitar repairs just stick to amps, But i was asked by the guys in the guitar shop
    where my workshop is located

    The bass went to a local store and was returned not repaired ( same fault)
    It came in the shop here and i was asked if i could have a look at the pre amp
    as a flavor

    The fault is that the treble pot is acting like a volume control when you compare to the stock its clearly faulty

    When compared to a SR505 bass off the wall the active circuit is just not the same lacking in punch/tonal adjustment , unfortunate that this bass has a different pre amp
    They have checked the pots and battery all good
    I had a look and tested what i could on the pre amp board all meters ok
    checked values of resistors and checked if the smd caps are short
    I decided to change the OP amp, this made no difference
    The wiring is ok and correct as far we can see

    I hooked up a signal gen to see if i can work it out what is going on. I work better with a diagram,
    Replacing the active circuit is not an option due too the cost of parts and labour

    If anyone has any info... thanks in advance

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