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StewMax service to Canada- experiences?

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  • StewMax service to Canada- experiences?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if any of our Canadian members have used Stewart-McDonald's StewMAX service, where you can get unlimited 'free' shipping, as well as other benefits, for a year for $39.95. It certainly seems like a great deal, but reading the reviews online as always it's a mixed bag. Some suggest the shipping is much slower than usual, others say how great it is. I'll admit I've been avoiding Stew-Mac in recent years as their shipping to Canada has generally been expensive, and with new suppliers such as NextGen opening up there has been less of a need to deal with them. That being said, they are a convenient option for many things and offer several items that are hard to find elsewhere.

    I'll probably go for it as I need to re-stock a number of supplies this year; just curious if anyone has any first-hand experience.


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