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Vintage Fender Telecaster Humbucker Wiring Layout Question

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  • Vintage Fender Telecaster Humbucker Wiring Layout Question

    I am looking for a picture or description of how the factory wired the vintage telecaster with 2 humbuckers / one volume / one tone / 3 way switch.
    We are talking about the original 2 wire Fender humbucker with the braided lead wire (similar to the Gibson humbucker). The wiring connections are easy and obvious.

    I am looking for the factory wire routing. I'm guessing that the two pickup shields were soldered to the volume pot before the hot is soldered to the switch.
    If so, did they strip back the shielding between the volume pot and the switch OR did the leave the braided shield on between the volume pot and the switch?

    Some completely re-wired the guitar with modern 4 wire pickups and I am looking to put this back to they way it left the factory.

    I've looked around, but I have not been able to find a picture of the factory wiring layout as these appear to be small production numbers.

    I thought I would start here. If there is another forum or place to ask this question, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance ...

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    There are a couple of different versions here - straight from the horse's mouth.


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      Thank you, but the diagrams listed at that link are all modern. These do not cover the early (1970's) 2 conductor braided humbucker configuration.
      The diagrams you reference cover the re-issue 4 conductor pickup. AKA Fender factory wiring and routing.
      There are many ways to route the wires, but only one configuration that came from the factory.
      I am looking for something like the picture below where you can see the braided shielding and where the wires were soldered to back at the factory in the 70's.:
      Click image for larger version

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        Sure, it's not this one: ?

        Edit: Just noted that this has 4 controls. But with only 2 controls there aren't many possibilities. Can you post a picture showing the bottoms of the PUs?
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