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  • Trem block too short

    Hi all,

    Picked up a project Peavey Predator recently with no bridge. This had a vintage style trem, not the locking style. In reviews of this guitar I read that the string spacing was a bit wide for the neck width, so I went with a narrower bridge (52.5mm or 2 1/16" string spacing). I went witha super cheap Musiclily bridge from Amazon because I didn't know if I would like this guitar enough to spend any money on it, and they do have different widths. Not that it matters but I also wanted it to be black. I had to drill and fill some of the old mounting holes and drill a few new ones (the Peavey originally had a 4 hole bridge). Managed to get the new holes done really neat and straight (this is an area I struggle ). The string spacing is exactly as it should be for this neck. The problem is that I did not think about the trem block length and this one is for thinner bodied guitars (35mm block length) and the springs rub against the body and the trem action is crappy.

    So my options seem to be 1.) carve out guitar body to let springs clear, this is not my favorite, especially as I don't have access to good tools right now 2.) get a longer block with 52.5mm string spacing and hope that the mounting holes are same spacing and screw holes are compatible. This might also help get a tighter fitting arm, the Musiclily setup has quite a bit of slop (haven't tried wrapping with teflon tape yet). 3.) Get a whole new black 52.5mm bridge assembly with correct block length and hope I don't have to redo all the mounting screw holes. 4.) "extend" the block by adding some spacers (like washers). I have no idea if this would even work.

    Overall the guitar is pretty cool. It has Fender double Fat Strat humbuckers and the original paint has been removed from the body and finished in clear. I've been really into natural finish guitars lately. While I like the guitar, spending a lot of money on the bridge probably isn't an option right now. Probably $50 or so is the max I can spend on it.

    Thanks for any input,

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    I had a guitar with an early locking trem, ''Rockinger' I think, which had a brass extender block bolted onto the trem block, which had probably been fabricated to get around just this issue. It worked fine - I think I've actually still got it, as I removed it and fitted a vintage type trem system. So if you can muster the material and skills, it's a feasible way forward.
    I'll see if I can find it and post some pics.
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      Found a used Fender trem block on Reverb for $12 shipped that seems to have all the right specs for string spacing, mounting hole spacing, and depth.


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        Good place for bridges and trem blocks.


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