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EMG Inspired Preamp PCB

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  • EMG Inspired Preamp PCB

    Hello everyone,
    I'm working on a project right now with active pickups using an EMG-style preamp and potentially an active tone filter. The circuits are based on the analysis by ElectroSmash. I'm working on the layouts and was wondering if anyone would be interested in some preamp PCBs. They are currently surface mount but I can make them through-hole. The surface mount version is about 0.5 x 1.5 inch in dimension. Components can be customized for different sound signatures.
    (Just gauging interest)

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    Just as a side note, Electro Smash analysis of EMG pickups and active electronics is flawed, on a couple important points.
    Juan Manuel Fahey


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      Hmm it made sense to me, but I've never traced the actual EMG81 PCB myself. Please enlighten me?


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        What are your goals in reverse engineering the EMG81? There's many ways to skin the cat on an active pickup, and I wouldn't put duplicating the design and preamp of the EMG81 at the top of the list for doing it. In particular the LM4250 is a pretty old part and there are opamps now which might be better. The old EMG's I am familiar with (albeit 20 year old examples) are a wee bit too noisy for my taste.

        One way would be to go medium impedance/low output and use a simple JFET preamp . You could tailor the load resistance and capacitance of the PU and end up with pretty close to the the EMG's characteristics.



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