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Gretsch Filtertron Question

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  • Gretsch Filtertron Question

    Hi, anybody knows the wiring direction of the wire when viewing the bobbin from above? THX in advance

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    I have finally rewound the one broken bobbin with what I think should be counter clockwise. When soldering up the assembly the meter only reads one coil. Unsoldering one wire from the base plate and measuring both coils, both are intact. I'm puzzled. My question is, does the filtertron assembly look the same as you would put together a PAF? If I just skip soldering one end to the base plate it reads full DC resistance as it should. I have no idea why I can't use the base plate as a ground. strange. Any help much appreciated.


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      There should be only 1 wire grounded , are you testing through the lead wire it could be touching the hot to the baseplate
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        I disassembled the pickup one more time to take a look if there was a short somewhere and yes, I finally found a short. One of the bobbin wires got caught between the base plate and a pole screw shaved off it's insulation and caused a short. I put it all together et voila, sounds great. But then, when testing it on the guitar w . strings on the middle position was out of phase. So I disassembled it again and flipped the magnet. It's easy to confuse magnet firection since both bobbins are the same and w. the same screws. Works all fine now. Whew