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P90 hybrid, buzzing and noise

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  • P90 hybrid, buzzing and noise


    I made a P90 style PU, with 9500 turns of AWG40. To accomodate the wire gauge, the bobbin is higher the usual: 5/16' (8mm). DCR 5 kohm.
    The idea is to build a hybrid between a CChristian and a P90, usable with acoustic guitar strings​.

    It has 6 hex head M3 screws from the top and 5 M3 same type screws used to hold a steel base and two ceramic 63x12x3mm magnets to the bottom (P90 traditional geometry).
    All screws and the steel base that hold magnets in place are grounded.
    The coil is shielded with a grounded copper strip.

    Compared to an original P90, my PU is noticeably noisier, especially in the buzzing range: so much that I have some difficulty to dectect 60 Hz hum.
    The PU is also very sensitive to finger touch, even when I am grounded thru the strings.

    I disassembled all HW keeping only the bobbin (forbon + maple core) without any important noise reduction.
    My suspicion is that the P90 geometry is very sensible to buzzing, and the usual AWG42 + 10K turns makes a filter (via LCR "self" filtering) that helps to keep the buzz under control.
    Maybe the "more linear", AWG40 coil, extends the range and makes any electromagnetic noise more noticeable?

    Any advice is welcome, thanks

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    Did you try reversing the coil ends?

    I doubt your design has a much wider frequency response than a P90.
    Measuring inductance could give some clue.

    Please post pics.
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