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The Pickup From HELL!

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  • The Pickup From HELL!

    Every Winder that's been making Pickups for a while, should know what I'm talking about!
    You may wind several or many Pickups in a Row, without a Hitch.
    But, occasionly you will have what I refer to as the Pickup from Hell SynDrome.
    It may be wire want feed right and the wire will break. It may be that you get most or all the wire on the Bobbin to finally notice that the wire is wrapped around something. Or The wire gets under the bobbin, and you don't notice it until you get the whole bobbin wound and are taking the bobbin off the face plate!
    These things happen occasionally regardless of pickup type, single coil, Humbucker, bass, and guitar pickups.
    So this Thread is dedicated to all the Horror Stories of Winding, and please share your Pickup experience from HELL!
    The Humor of Winding.

    "If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride!" Scottish Proverb 1600s

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    I've had several as a result of a winder from HELL. I used the thread bobbin holder and sewing machine motor as the driven and driver and ended up with a 1 to 1 drive ratio. When you put the pedal down it was off to the races. If anything happened there was wire all over the place. Then, of course, it went so fast it shredded rubber bands and threw rubber particulate all over the place. Then the rubber band would break so I would have to stretch a new one over the spool and run it up and over the bobbin (try that one at 3:00am). Talk about scatter wound. It's amazing I ended up with anything that sounded good at all. But then again that could be one of those magical mojo things that I'll never get back when I finish my new improved winder. Ahh, noobness is bliss.


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      It happens with guitars too. Sometimes you have a guitar that just EVERY step something goes wrong, or doens't work right, or you make a mistake. It's always SOMETHING. That's where this process comes in handy:



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