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    How much does a polar bear weigh?

    But seriously, I have a little bit of a problem finding a very odd type of pickup or, for that matter, abything that can be used as such. It would be for an instrument that I made, which is basically a 3-string lap steel bass guitar. The strings are each 60-gauge and arranged in one course. The strings are REALLY low off the body, which is itself fairly thin. I don't know the exact measurements of the string height, string spread, or body thickness, so I added a reference in the pictures using a guitar pick. Also, if anyone wants to know, the CDs in the first picture are, left to right,

    1.) Emerson Lake and Palmer, "Live at Nassau Coliseum '78"
    2.) Queen, "Queen"
    3.) Queen, "Queen II"
    4.) Kansas, "The Essential Kansas"
    5.) Genesis, "Selling England By The Pound"

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