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    Scott from Zexcoil here.

    We make a patented design, one-coil-per-string pickup that achieves hum-cancellation extremely efficiently. There are almost no redundant windings, no dummy coils or other negative polarity hum gathering devices, so every part of the pickup is working to gather pure, unadulterated tone!

    Apart from our basic design, we also utilize some groundbreaking technology with respect to tonal fingerprinting and targeting. Our quantitative tone engineering enables us to model, predict and dial in tonal response across the spectrum. I'll be talking much more about this technology in the future, but for now you'll have to be content to just listen to the pickups!

    We have a range of Strat models and Tele bridge models available, and we're working on new stuff all of the time. Right now were focused on developing a J-bass pickup as well as a Tele bridge version of our Juicy Bucker.

    Here are a couple of videos showing our stuff. Lots more at our website:

    Zexcoil website

    and our YouTube channel:

    Zexcoil YouTube

    This first one is Anthony Stauffer from StevieSnacks (Anthony recently started using us exclusively in all of his Strats):

    and here are some links to a sampling of a few more:

    Coco Montoya and Johnny Oskam In the FUCHS booth at NAMM 2013-1

    John Bendy in the FUCHS booth NAMM 2013-2

    John Bendy playing Zexcoil 2012 New York Amp Show

    Brian Alex playing the Signature Set with overdrive
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