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    Those mini crock pots referred to by other posters are CHEAP on *bay. Especially used. The sort of thing that's left after the garage sale is over People will sell anything. Since they don't command any $$$ the seller sometimes has a shipping charge that's higher than the item itself. My "coffee pot" is working fine but I'll probably get one of these crock pots when it's time to replace it.
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      I use a Hold Heet glue pot.

      If I were to get a backup or replacement, there's a lot of wax warmers with temperature control that look pretty nice, and aren't that expensive.

      I usually only pot one pickup at a time. My workflow is: wind one pickup, solder the leads on, put it in the wax bath....then put a timer on, and while that one's potting, wind the next pickup. By the time I get the leads soldered on to the new pickup, the one in the wax bath is done. 10-15 minutes. I'd imagine even the smaller of the wax warmers could handle at least one pickup. The digital temperature controls also look very nice.

      Many of them have high temp for fast melting too. That could be very nice. This one looks pretty spiffy:


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        The most common failure of these is an open one shot thermal fuse. They can usually be repaired relatively easily.
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          These work well for wax and for hide glue.
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