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Weller WES51 Died

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  • Weller WES51 Died

    Are these just designed to last only a year and croak? This is getting old. Are there better, more reliable solder stations now?

    And can it be fixed? The light just doesn't come on anymore when I throw the switch.
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    I'm not familiar with this particular Weller iron, though I've been using Weller WTCP irons for decades. They've had many form-factors over the years, with the same basic handle, using temperature-rated tips (600deg, 700deg, 800deg) in a wide variety of shapes. The heater assembly is replaceable, as is the magnetic switch used in temperature regulation. These are probably more reliable over time than the variable-temperature controlled variety. I have both, as well as some Pace solder/desolder stations. My travel kit is a military version of the WTCP that's really slick. It, along with a nice assortment of the Weller iron tips are shown in this thread:

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      Getting old? How many times has it failed?

      I also have been using Weller WTCP irons for decades. And yes I have some Pace equipment as well.

      If your light won't come on, why not open it up and see if an internal fuse has opened or if a wire came off something, and so on.
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        A solder station isn't any more complicated than the things you use it for- probably much less so. Like Enzo said, pull it apart and troubleshoot it. Not saying this is the problem, but most commonly the fuse blows. When the fuse blows, it's usually because of a shorted or intermittently shorting heat element. A shop I worked at previously had a bunch of these. Usually a fuse and a new heat element would do the trick.
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          Where do you get a heat element?


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            Check 24VAC fuse, power supply + 5V, cable from Weller iron to station.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	! Reminder.gif Views:	0 Size:	154 Bytes ID:	909475



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              Here is the schematic. There is a smd fuse on the board. If the computer chip is OK, it should be repairable. Click image for larger version

Name:	WES51 sch.gif
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Name:	WES51 pcb pic.JPG
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                How do I troubleshoot it? I'm not good with schematics, anyone know of a video that might help?


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                  The video won't help you much.
                  It will be cheaper if you look for a qualified technician to fix your Weller.
                  Who does not know and knows that he does not know - teach him Confucius)
                  Who knows and does not know that he knows - wake him Confucius)


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                    Here is the manual. Start by checking the heater and temp sensor at the connector, see page 4 and 5. Open up the case and check for 24VAC at the triac with the handle plugged in and +5VDC after the regulator.
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	WES51 board.JPG Views:	0 Size:	116.6 KB ID:	909510
                    WES51 Manual_WellerSolderStation.pdf

                    edit: I agree with vintagekiki. If you can't read a schematic it might be better to let someone else look at it.
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                      My WES51 died too. Have used various Wellers for years. Could be just the iron but that is expensive to replace. So I took a chance on one of the new generation $10 Chinese irons with temp control in the handle that have become common in recent years. Iron has same look and nice feel as the Weller. Also came with half a dozen tips that would have cost extra with the Weller. The cheap iron has been fine.


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                        My cheap iron was used a few times, now it's unplugged. Hakko clone? Temp swings, tips don't last for shite. Holder keeps falling over. Back to my Wtcpt and my Wesd51. They have a new model out, you can't buy the wes51or wesd51 anymore. Tips are the same though.


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