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installing the screws to the bobbin

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  • installing the screws to the bobbin

    How do you guys put the screws in? I'm doing it by hand with the best fitting screwdriver I can find but every once in a while I slip and scratch the top of the bobbin Drill press?

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    I use a piece of flexible tubing over the drill bit that captures the screw head.
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      Oh!?! interesting


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        Click image for larger version

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        Tubing is silicone.
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          Is that shrink tube? or something i can find at hardware store?


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            As said it's silicone (rubber) tubing, not shrink type. Dunno about hardware stores (in other parts of the world).
            Can be found on amazon.

            It should be soft and easily compress. And I like that it's transparent.

            Mine measures: ID 5mm, OD 6mm.
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              I use these and epoxy them to a cut off screw driver- you can either purchase one with the correct inside diameter to fit over the screw head or drill out the hole to fit, depending on how far you inset the screw driver will determine how deep the screw head is set

              You can also glue a little felt on the end to keep and scuffing of the bobbin to a minimum