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  • Sunrise ST-1

    Hey, long time no see, everyone. A friend of mine is interested in getting me to build him something along the lines of the Sunrise ST-1 Tube Interface and I'm wondering if anyone has any information/experience with the real thing. Not much info that I can find on the website:

    Sunrise product info

    other than it's $3,200, for crying out loud. I see two 9-pin tubes, possibly a small rectifier tube on the right, a can cap and what may be a power regulator on the picture. Other than that It's a mystery. I would be inclined to look at mic preamp schems as a starting point, but I wonder what, if anything, is so special about this unit. I'm thinking something transformer-coupled, plenty of headroom, with maybe some eq (baxendall?) to boot, as he's not asking for a replica of the ST-1 so much as something in the ballpark. Any ideas?