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Harman Kardan HK6150 -> Breaking out the volume control?

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  • Harman Kardan HK6150 -> Breaking out the volume control?


    I have a Harman Kardan HK6150 that I picked up from a recycle centre (bargain)

    Anyway I am going to be using this inside a homebuilt Jukebox system, as such I want to take the volume control that is in it and effectively break it out and mount on the side of the cabinet.

    Rather than bust up what was there I was thinking of buying a volume control from Tandy (our version of Radio Shack) and seeing if there were some way to splice the wires to the one on the inside of the AMP therefore effectively having another volume control?

    I am doubtful this will work, though wondering if anyone could give me some laymens terms ideas on how I may achieve this?

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    Everything will be on a pcb, so unless you know what you are doing, you are best not to mess around in there.
    Has the amp got a switch for a tape recorder? This is effectively an effect loop, ie send return, which you could use for your external volume control.
    You'll need screen cable to and from the vol control.
    It should be a dual audio (= logarithmic) taper pot, track value of 10k to 100k, ideally 20k.
    Let us know if you need any help with how to implement this. Peter.
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