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    First time on the site. I'm trying to accurately date certain Kay guitars from the late 50's early 60's. I see no pot codes on the bottom of the pot as viewed with a mirror through the f holes. The pickups often have an ink stamped number visible. These are Gold K Kessel pickups. I'm not certain of the manufacturer (Rowe Dearmond?). Can anyone tell me how to date the pickups? Since Kay was busy in those years and those particular pickups were used on many instruments, I assume they didn't hang around too long and if datable, would fairly accurately reflect the vintage of the guitar.


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    Some old potentiometers had the numbers on the side rather than the back, and those can be difficult to read, especially INSIDE the guitar with a mirror!

    I'm not aware of ANY Kay guitar that ever used Dearmond pickups. That doesn't stop people from name dropping, especially now that old Dearmonds command a little scratch on the open market. The old Kay pickups and Dearmonds are clearly of different manufacture with different materials, construction techniques, and quality.