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    Hi, i am a guitar tech (luthier) in Los Angeles.
    I have been getting alot of work on amplifiers, input jacks, cords, even a couple of power transistors, but i dont know nearly what i would like to know.
    My question is where is a good place to start, if i want to go to school or somewhere to learn more in depth about amplifier circuitry, electronics, etc....
    Movek Music thank you

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    Your local community college will have classes in electronics. These are good. Even if you can only get in a couple part-time semesters. I say start there.

    True there is a lot of goofy, specialist stuff in our trade. But every year that is less and less the case as more music electronics becomes mainstreamed. The basics are very useful and will be applied.
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      anyone out there know of any community schools in Los Angeles that would be a good choice for electronics, and also what courses, i was looking at LACC schedule and theres like 100 different electronic courses


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        Call them up and talk to a guidance counsellor there. if you just look at course titles, that is like going to a restaurant and just looking at what ingredients are in the store room. COurses are part of a curriculaum - a planned program of courses.

        SOme courses are the basics and would apply to anything. Others are more specific. A program to get you certified to work on medical equipment, and a program to get you certified for avionics wouold require different courses from the listings.

        There are degree programs, most CCs offer associate fegrees in various vocational fields. There are also sometimes courses like "Electronics for non-majors." Talk to the instructor of such a course to find out if it is appropriate for your needs. Sucha course would include basics like meter use, and basic circuits, but not much theory
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