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Single coil series order of wiring?

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  • Single coil series order of wiring?

    Hi, I'm an amateur rewiring enthusiast new to this forum. I have a question that I hope someone can help me with:

    When taking two single coils and wiring them in series, does the order in which they are wired make a difference in tone when they are significantly distant from each other?


    You have a tele and of course, due to what area of the strings they sense, the bridge pup sounds very bright and the neck pup very warm. Now there's two ways you could wire them in series, one way with the neck attached to ground and the bridge to positive, the other way is the other way around, like so:

    Is there any difference in tone between the two signal paths? I suspect that option one would sound slightly brighter than option two because the neck pickup is providing resistance between the bridge signal is and ground, while the neck pickup itself has nothing between it and ground. Or would the opposite be true? Or would the two methods produce the same tone?

    Any help appreciated.

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    No difference, although if you pitch the question in the Pickup maker's forum don't be surprised if you get a different answer...


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      Thanks for the reply. That simplifies my wiring scheme quite a bit.