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Any of you guys run an authorized digitech service center?

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  • Any of you guys run an authorized digitech service center?

    My brother plugged the wrong power supply into a digitech digiverb pedal. It popped a 1n4005 near the power connector which I replaced. It would appear that the LM2574 is spitting out the correct 3.3 volts and it's making it to various chips so that's OK (I've managed to fry that same regulator on some equipment at work so I know it's possible to kill one!)

    There appears to be a voltage divider formed by R53 and R54- they're connected in series between 9v and ground. The midpoint is hovering around 7.8 volts so it appears something is still very wrong.

    Can anyone out there confirm or deny this? Thanks to any who can help!


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    Look around the power supply some more. I don't know this system, but if there is 3.3v there is usually 5v not far away. And if so, is it healthy?

    If the two resistors are the same value and forming a mid-voltage reference, then the voltage should be more like 4.5v. let the system cook for a little bit and feel each IC. ANy getting hot or warm? Check the two resistors. If there is an e-cap associated with the reference, check it.
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