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Boss DR55 Drum Machine issue - Electronics problem?

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  • Boss DR55 Drum Machine issue - Electronics problem?

    I just sold my 100% working Boss DR55, and the guy who bought it sent it back claiming it wasn't working.

    I hooked it up and it's completely fine, however since I had it last week, it has developed a problem.

    When i write the first BD sound in the 16 steps, it writes one when I button down, and another when I release, meaning I can only write a double BD at the begining of a sequence. The only way I can get a single hit at the beginning of a sequence is to press the write button as normal, but then press the clear button before I release the write button.

    However this still makes timing difficult as it's hard to place the first snare or rimshot or even the next BD as i'm not sure to count 3 or two.

    Anyway, its damaged somehow and I'd like to fix it. So i came here.

    Firstly, how easy would it be to just fix the problem? As a novice, could I do it?

    I look forward to some advice!


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    Just in ordinary play mode, carefully exercise each instrument button. DO ANY of them double-stroke on you? What about the posssibilty that when you press the BD button, for some reason one of the nearby button contacts is also activating? As in perhaps the circuit board is flexing.

    Take it apart and clean the contact surfaces and make sure all the mounting screws are present and no corners are snapped off the board. Look at the rubber membrane around the BD contact, is it in good shape? Flex the rubber sheet while it is out to look for little tears in the rubber around it.
    Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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      Thank you for taking the time to reply, Enzo.

      It doesn't seem to do it when I am on any other instrument in 'write' mode, just BD. Which is weird.

      Does that clarify anything?


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        My question was about the BD button, in the normal mode where pressing the button just plays the sound, does the BD or any other give a double hit when pressed? Does that particular button stutter? It wouldn;t be weird if that particular rubber actuator button is physically damaged. If those ideas involving take it apart are too techy for you, then take it to a repair shop.

        My thoughts are of several possibilities, that the BD button itself is compromised, that pressing it manages to make some other nearby switch close at the same time, etc.
        Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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          Oh I see, no, there is no individual BD button on a DR55. It's just a 'write' button, which will write one hit for whatever instrument you are set to on a slide switch "BD, SD, RS, AC". Does that clarify anything?

          Sorry to be a bother, but i really appreciate your time!

          Here is an image that gives an idea of the DR55 layout.


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            Yes, I was picturing a different Boss drummer. Sorry then, not much is coming to mind for failure modes.
            Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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              aw, that's a shame...i am hoping someone else can help?!


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