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Sunn Coliseum Bass hum question

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  • Sunn Coliseum Bass hum question

    Hello everyone. I am new here and would greatly appreciate some help on a broken amp. I have a Sunn Coliseum Bass amp that has a loud hum the second I turn it on. The volume of the hum is consistent regardless of where the volume control is set. The volume control does turn up the bass volume but it is less than 1/4 as loud as it should be. This amp has been out of action for over 10 years and I think the filter capacitors have blown though there is no visible evidence of it.

    I have no equipment to check these capacitors and I was wondering if it sounds like this is the problem to you guys.

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

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    Welcome, I am sort of new here also, a couple months.
    That is a pretty good odds bet that filters are involved. They stay in better shape in use, if the heat doesn't do them in. Try adding another capacitor in parallel with one of the suspect filters. It should improve the hum, if it does, replace them. If it doesn't help, fix the hum before doing any restoration.