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    On my bench, I currently have a very high end, Nevin Dental light which provides great light. I also have an inexpensive Baush and Lomb visor hood normally fitted with a 2 power lense without a multiply loop. Next I have a Jeweler's pocket loop but find it hard to use. During my "close visual inspections" (term stolen from auto mechanics) I am having trouble clearly seeing smaller components and any visual indicators of cold solder joints. I am looking for a comfortable way to get really great magnification for working on PC boards etc. Have looked at the dental loops and laptop USB microscopes on ebay but everything looks like it's junk. I don't mind investing a lot of money in my quest but I hate to spend it on something that does not work as well I might hope. Any advise from you pros?

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    I use one like this: ALVINŽ Magnifier Swing-Arm Lamp - Tiger Supplies
    Cheap but works for me.
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