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How do I rewire a 16ohm cab to be 8ohm?

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  • How do I rewire a 16ohm cab to be 8ohm?

    I have a pretty old Marshall straight cab with greenbacks in it that sounds amazing, but I recently switched amps to a 30W Orange Dual Terror. At my band practice, I can easily compete with the other guitarist (playing through a 50W JCM 900) while I''m playing through an 8ohm Mesa cab, but when playing through my 16ohm marshall cab, I don't have enough headroom and the other guy has to turn down.

    Is there a way of re-wiring the cab without having to swap my speakers to go from 16ohm to 8ohm?

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    I'm assuming it's a 4x12 cabinet? No, there is no way to rewire it to be 8 ohms. If your new amp will do 4 ohms, there is a way to wire it to 4 ohms. Simply parallel the 4) 16 ohm speakers instead of the likely series/parallel wiring of 4) 16 ohm speakers that currently exists. Saying all that, it's more likely this has to do with speaker efficiency than load. I doubt it would make much difference.
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      That orange has a 16 ohm output. Is that what you are using?
      If so, it's not the impedance, it's the type of speakers and their efficiency, like the Dude said.
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