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Acoustic B800H Bass Head Finally Dies

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    Originally posted by Mars Amp Repair View Post
    Thanx all. Fortunately, i found a local good ole privately owned long standing music store that had a few of the Peavey Standard heads from the 70's-80's to choose from.
    As I'm really only using this for repair purposes i went for the PA400 head that had an effects loop and power amp-in type features. I was able to get them down to $100 out the door which was less than i had planned on spending in the first place...AND does anyone really go after a 70's PA head anymore?!
    Thanx again... glen.
    Well yea of course they do, I pick them up around here for $25 or so , clean them up fix them if needed and sell them for around $75 or so. One it provides someone with a cheap solid amp and introduces me to someone who may need future help.

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      Well, that's all good information. Thanx again for your help...glen