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Ampeg SVT-5 pro channel problems

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  • Ampeg SVT-5 pro channel problems

    I'm working on an Ampeg SVT-5 pro with no output.
    I plugged straight into the power amp section and that works fine. My trouble seems to be in the channel switching circuit. I have signal til then.
    Both the clean and overdrive LED's stay on all the time regardless of channel switch setting. I'm having trouble finding the trouble spot.
    I was wondering if anyone has had some experience with this circuit.

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    Start at the LEDs.

    Work your way find to find why they are alwas On.

    Hdr J4A (Switching): what is going on there, voltage wise, when you try to change channels?

    Prove that Q20 & Q14 are good.

    You also have to rule out a fault at the footswitch jack.

    SVT 5 Pro Switching.pdf


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