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behringer x air mixers xr12 xr16 xr18

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  • behringer x air mixers xr12 xr16 xr18

    Hi has anyone done any work on the behringer x air series of mixers xr12 xr16 xr18.
    just got one in for repair loud hiss on all outputs?

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    I worked on one with input problems a while back, but not the same problem you have. The first thing I'd try is muting every channel, aux in, effx, etc. Make sure it's not just one particular channel being sent out that is noisy.
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      well as usual ive been testing this unit for about 4hrs and its working fine, opened it up but nothing really looking bad all solder joints are nice and shinny the only thing when i checked over the board is ic 1 az1117d gets up yo 100 c im lucky to have a fluke ti9 thermal imager, nothing else on the boards shows over 55c, wonder if it gets overheated when its all closed up.
      any thoughts?