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New Members: Please read this before posting questions about amp repairs

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  • New Members: Please read this before posting questions about amp repairs

    This is just a friendly reminder to new registrees and maybe long-time members/visitors/lurkers, to, if you choose, fill in the "Location" information in your profile. Lots of threads recently go for 30-40 posts, only to have an "Old Timer" or "Senior Member" ask, "where are you located?"

    We have a world-wide and world-class community here, and if there are other MEFers nearby, sometimes it's good to know. Also, for new people, maybe, JUST MAYBE, a forum regular will offer to check out your amp and teach you a thing or two.

    Maybe we can save you the trouble of importing parts, or plugging your amp into the wrong voltage. I try to not assume everyone is in the US, but I forget sometimes.

    If you choose not to give away your location in your profile, at least try to say where the busted amp is - city, state, province, nation, whatever. Help might be much nearer than you think!



    PS: if you have one, please post a schematic, either a link or an image. If you don't have one, try to search here, because your amp is likely to have been covered before.
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    Additional suggestions and notes

    Here are additional suggestions from the feeder thread titled "Public Service Announcement: Getting Your Amp Fixed"

    Originally posted by bob p
    I would also add an instruction to post a schematic for the amp if you have one.
    Originally posted by Steve A.
    As for schematics it looks like this is best library around:

    Amplifier Schematics

    You can also check the stickies for the various vendors at the top of the "Schematic Request" forum:

    Schematic Requests
    Originally posted by Enzo
    Have the thread title ask a question or state the problem. I sometimes don't bother to open threads titled "A question..."*** "Ampeg BA115 makes loud hum" is pretty clear.
    Originally posted by Enzo
    I was reminded earlier today that one rule should be "Don't send personal messages asking questions, start a thread first."

    I get PMs all the time from newly registers people with a post count of zero. I have to then explain they need to make a thread so others may benefit from the effort, and he will also gain the insights of the group instead of just mine. And I add that had I done all my consulting in personal messages, they would never know I existed.
    Originally posted by J M Fahey
    Very often , on many amps considered plain vanilla or too commonplace (in the US that is), the answer boils down to "junk it and buy another at Guitar Center" to "not worth repairing , you can get a new one at local Craigslist for less than $50" to "order a new Classictone transformer for $60 and have it delivered to your door for $15" (or even free ) to "send it back and get a full refund" .....

    NONE of which applies outside USA. Often not even in neighbouring Canada, go figure.
    Originally posted by Steve A.
    As for being USA-centric it *is* where the MEF website is located so it is not unreasonable to expect someone living elsewhere to provide a location which is requested but not required to join MEF. Otherwise we are liable to assume that someone has 120VAC/60hz mains and normal access to what us Americans take for granted.
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