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Fixing Roland BR900-CD digital studio recorder

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  • Fixing Roland BR900-CD digital studio recorder

    I am struggling to fix older piece of audio equipment BR900-CD. I have disassembled it to replace a pot, and after reassembly it wont boot. After powering on you can see LCD animation, some LED light up and fade slowly (like power went off), and everything hangs - nothing works. Also LCD backlight works no more.

    I have compared voltages on some ribbon connectors and before when it was still working voltages were slightly higher than now. For example: 3.60 -> 3.12, 4.56 -> 4.21, 8.24 -> 7.88.

    Original input is 9V DC. It is converted down the road by voltage regulators to 5V and 3.3V.

    Any clues what can cause that voltage drop ? Is it rather cause or the effect ? How could I go about to troubleshoot it ?

    Unfortunatelly schematic is impossible to find.

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    Maybe the 3.12v is below the threshold voltage for the main CPU, but I'm just guessing. You could try contacting Roland for a schematic, or preferably the service manual. At the time it was manufactured there must have been some supporting documentation for their service centres.

    Have you re-traced the steps you took when replacing the pot to make sure a connector isn't reversed or 1 pin out, or even if you have a solder bridge somewhere? All it needs is a tiny bead to bridge tracks and you've got a fault.

    Before you replaced the pot did everything (apart from the pot) work correctly?


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      Usually.. old digital stuff from that era are plagued with failing surface mount electrolytic caps. Got an ESR meter?


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