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  • AC power supply build DIY

    I have an Eico 666 tube tester with a bad meter and a good transformer. I don't need another tube tester but a multi-tap AC power supply would be nice to have. The 666 transformer is obviously multi-tapped so I figure I could use that and a few spare parts to build it. I'll use the existing line adjust Clarostat as my on off switch and to dial "AC in" so my taps read correctly. Now, here's my silly question..... How do I layout the leads from the transformer to the binding posts on the control panel? One wire to each post and that's it? How is the circuit complete and how do I do it? I see on the 666 schematic that there are two labeled 0V leads, do they go to ground? I'm not planning on using the filament control pot from the 666. I want to use binding posts.

    thank you.