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I fried my Space Echo! Help!

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  • I fried my Space Echo! Help!

    I just did something incredibly stupid. I brought an RE-301 Chorus Echo from Japan back to Shanghai, China where I live. I completely forgot about the power difference until I turned it on...


    Ruined Space Echo.

    Opened it up, found a burnt fuse near the transformer and took it out. I will look for a replacement fuse and power converter tomorrow. I was hoping it would be a burnt fuse, but this is depressing me:

    I quote:"Yes, definitely, DO NOT buy just an adaptor, because the standard power voltage, cycles, etc. are different, and plugging it into a U.S. source will cook most of the circuits and voltage converters! Trust us, we've smoked one ourselves, a very expensive mistake!"

    Man, I don't have the money to spend shipping it overseas double boxed to a repair place that would know what to do with it, and suspect repairs and shipping would cost the 800USD I just paid for the unit.

    However, there are some places that repair high-end tube audio equipment. I can take it to them, but it is going to be a big ordeal. I am not sure they would know exactly what to do, so I am really hoping there is a kind soul out there that can give me some advice.


    The unit is rated as AC 100V~50/60Hz.

    China power is 240-250V ~50/60Hz. The article I cited said they fried a UK Space Echo:
    "we learned a very expensive and important lesson that a Roland tape echo built for the U.K. has every circuit, voltage converter, and other parts of the power system built to expect 220-240V (220V nominal) 50Hz A/C power, and if you hit it with too much or too little (such as U.S. 115V @ 60Hz) you will smoke and fry the entire system. Later RE-201s after the first run, and all RE-301s, 501s and 555's have fuses, but they didn't blow in time to help, since the voltage was less, but the 60Hz power seemed to smoke up quite a few parts on the U.K. RE-201 system before we could unplug it. The only scent we've smelled that was worse is that of burning flesh, quite frankly."

    Is it possible I only blew the fuse? Are they being alarmist? Since the amps are the same?

    To make it clear, what do I need to check? You dont have to hold my hand thru the whole process...Just a little advice. I know very little about repairing electronics. I assume I need to change the fuse, then the transformer, but what after that? Can anyone get me started?

    UGH. Can you believe how stupid I feel? Got off a plane after lugging the thing on my back internationally. Been wanting one for ten years.

    Thanks to anyone with advice.