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  • Console Power Supply modules

    Hi all.

    I have a friend that has a couple of outdated mixer console P/S units for a 32 channel board that are in bad shape. We cannot find any info/specs for these units and would like to replace/re-build the whole units or the individual P/S units within.
    My questions- Are most console supply units compatible? Are there generic supplies or individual supplies (+/-5v, +/-15v, -48v...) that can be bought as dropin replacements?
    Any sources or recommendations appreciated.

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    Most are easily fixable, most need to have the bridge rectifier improved and solders retouched. Some may need electrolytic cap replacement. With some exceptions most console power supplies can operate most consoles within a similar wattage range with proper connector termination.

    I don't know of any generic supplies available with the unique voltage and current requirements of mixing consoles, but one from another console manufacturer could probably be made to work if the originals are not salvageable. One common thread: they are usually quite expensive.

    What brand and/or model are the power supplies and console?


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      That is +48, not -48, but who's counting?

      I can't imagine you couldn't just fix them. Adding to what MArk said, about rectifiers and caps, I find three terminal regulator the most common replacement item on these things.

      Upi can buy power supplies already made, but not packaged - open frame we call them. Try Jameco or Marlin P JOnes for starts. But I'd rather see you fix the old. WHile +/-15 or 18 would be easy enough, finding one with the 48 added on will be a lot more difficult to find.

      The mixers need the +/-15 or whatever for the op amps. Then some also have supplies just for the LEDs and indicators. Cheaper circuits just tap off the op amp rails, but more serious boards separate the suppleis. ANd when subbing supplies, not all grounds are the same. SOme boards separate gfround returns from various supplies. That would have to be accounted for.

      WHat mixer and power supplies do you have?
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        Thanks all.

        It's an Amek Big 3. He's got 2 P/S, one was a back-up, but started having oscillation problems after warm-up. Now it's being used for parts. These open frame units are a pain to work on. I've replaced most filter caps and power FETs on main/mother bd. I think he's getting tired of using these old supplies and wants something new and more reliable. Down time is not a good thing in the studio biz.